Basu's personal belongings to be preserved by hospital

Kolkata, 21st January, 2010: The state-run SSKM hospital, where the Jyoti Basu's body is undergoing a process of preservation, has decided to preserve the Marxist legend's spectacles, shoes, pen and coat. As a mark of respect to the 'legendary figure' who had donated his body after death, they had taken the decision to honour his soul, hospital sources said.
The anatomy department of the city-based hospital received Basu's body along with a pair of spectacles, shoes, pen and a coat after full state honours were given to him on Tuesday at the end of the final journey.Basu's body is now in the mortuary cooler room of the hospital under strict security, the sources said adding "we will decide on preserving those organs of Basu which we will find worth preserving".

Bappa Ghosh of Udayer Pathe, a city-based social organisation which provided the hearse to carry Basu’s mortal remains from Peace Haven to the hospital, also expressed the willingness to preserve the stretcher and the hearse. “It was a great privilege to provide the vehicle to carry the body of such a great leader,” Ghosh said.

Meanwhile, a group of doctors from R. Ahmed Dental College and Hospital also evinced their interest in conserving Basu’s teeth.

The 95-year-old Basu died Jan 17 in a Kolkata hospital after battling multiple illnesses. He had pledged to donate his eyes and body for medical research and treatment.

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