No fever, but Basu still critical: Hospital

KOLKATA, 12th January, 2010: The unchanged vital parameters of CPI(M) patriarch Jyoti Basu — in spite of aggressive medication — are beginning to worry the team of doctors treating him. From Monday evening, there has been a slight increase in his temperature and a marginal drop in urine output, triggering fresh alarm. However, Tuesday evening in medical buletin doctors said that he is out of fever since last eight hours.

The sudden onset of fever triggered a flurry late on Monday, with doctors feeling that suppressing it could be counterproductive. ‘‘Fever can indicate that the body is resisting the infection,’’ a medicine specialist said. Basu is still in critical condition and continues to remain on ventilator support. His senses have not shown any signs of improvement. The 95-year-old former chief minister tried to open his eyes when doctors called out to him on Monday but could not. The cortisol test report, which reached the doctors on Monday evening, is not very encouraging, either. Sources said that the ailing leader’s muscles are showing signs of weakening. He continues to be administered medication to maintain his blood pressure and urine output. ‘‘The only saving grace is that his body is responding to these medicines,’’ a doctor said.

Sources said that patients admitted in ICU can get fever from infectious and non-infectious causes. Pneumonia is one of the most common causes for fever among ICU patients. The CPM patriarch already had pneumonia when he was admitted to hospital on New Year’s Day. Though tests revealed that there was no further inflammation of pneumonia, but the problem persists.

A hospital official said on Tuesday "Jyoti Basu is still critical but he has not had any fever in the last eight hours." The communist patriarch had mild fever earlier the day. "The condition of his kidney is better and we are ruling out dialysis for the moment," he added.The doctors have also done a CT scan on him.Earlier this afternoon, a hospital spokesperson said, "His body immunity is low because of his age. That's why he is more prone to infections. He had mild fever, but it has been subdued with medication now."Basu continues to be on partial ventilation.The 95-year-old politician was admitted at the AMRI Hospitals in Salt Lake with chest congestion on January 1. He was diagnosed with pneumonia.

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