Improvement in Jyoti Basu’s condition

KOLKATA, 3rd January, 2010: Nonagenerian CPI(M) patriach Jyoti Basu’s health condition is reported to be stable. Basu is being treated for pneumonia at the AMRI hospital in salt lake here.

“He has shown much improvement compared to yesterday. His condition is now relatively stable,” said Dr Debashish Sharma, Superintendent of AMRI Hospital. “Besides lung congestion due to pneumonia, all other health parameters are okay,” he added.

AMRI Hospital superintendent further said the 95-year old former West Bengal Chief Minister would be kept under observation for the next 48 hours in ICU. The six-member medical board constituted to treat Basu examined him Sunday morning.

“In their opinion, his condition has marginally improved. He is still on intravenous anti-biotics. He continues to be on respiratory support (external oxygen supply),” the medical board said in the bulletin.

Hospital’s executive director D.N. Agarwal said Basu remained on liquid diet and his temperature and blood pressure were normal.

Asked how long he would be kept at the ICCU, Agarwal said: “No decision has been taken by the medical board on this. Such decisions will be taken after monitoring his condition on a day-to-day basis. He is fully conscious.”

Jyoti Basu was admitted here on Friday following a severe chest infection. The doctors after conducting a proper check-up had detected that he was suffering from slight pneumonia.

Earlier in July 2009, Basu was admitted to the hospital following gastro-intestinal complications and transient loss of consciousness. Earlier, he injured his left leg after a fall at home.

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